Facebook Page Layouts Change!

Facebook Page Layouts Change!

Facebook makes some serious changes to their page layouts

If you haven’t seen it yet, Facebook has changed it’s page layouts! Other than a different look and feel, this change may have taken a few business owners off guard and you may have a similar looking cover photo to what we had earlier in the day (below).

Our biggest snippet of advice would be to make sure your cover photo now looks ok with Facebook page layouts change. So, how can you make sure your cover photo looks compliant – and moreso, how can you use this latest change to your advantage?

facebook page layout changes

How you can make the most of the change in Facebook page layouts

1. An Opportunity for more text and advertising specials

You may now have some more room to better space out your specials, products and deals in your cover photo – the first thing that visitors see when they visit your page. Why not use this space to show off a ‘% off’ special or a deal that will grab your customer’s attention?

2. Better spacing of logos/website addresses

Beforehand, you had to pay attention to your page’s logo in the bottom left hand side of your cover photo. Now that there’s more space in your cover photo to play with, we suggest spacing your content out and perhaps even centering text and images that previously lived over on the right hand side of the page.

3. More value from using high quality images

Previously, you may have used a high resolution image in your cover photo that may have been slightly obscured by buttons, text and of course, your Facebook page logo. With the latest change, we recommend using some high quality photos to really capture your customer’s eyes – experiment and see what works for you!

facebook cover photo change

So, where to from here?

With the above in mind, we recommend using a program such as Canva (www.canva.com) to create appealing, high quality cover photos to better engage your customers and attract more business. Sometimes it’s the small things that count when you’re looking after your business online – with Facebook page layouts changing, we think this is one of those that you should be capitalising on.

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