15x Return on Investment with Google Adwords Advertising

15x Return on Investment with Google Adwords Advertising


More Customers. More Sales. More Bang for Your Buck with Google Adwords Advertising.

Facebook advertising is fantastic. It works when it’s implemented well. But what if I told you that Google Adwords Advertising could be a better solution for your business?

Let me start by saying that any form of online advertising has it’s own place and you need to decide what the right platform to advertise your services is for you.

What is your end goal? Is it to get in people’s faces with a great offer, or do you want to be found when people are searching for local products and services?

Sure, that big, shiny blue button on your Facebook page is screaming at you – “just $9 to reach your target audience!”. Does this guarantee that people will click through to your website though? No. Will you manage to get a few Facebook likes out of the exercise? Sure. But the effort required to get these people to re-engage with your product or service is so much harder.

Facebook advertising is great when your business has a special offer that you want to get in front of people. Google Adwords advertising is great when you want your product or service in front of people when they’re at the buying stage.

What is Google Adwords?

When you search for things on Google, quite often you’ll see paid ads at the top of the page. You may not have even noticed these before! Advertisers pay to be listed as high as possible on Google in order to get people to click through to their site first – quite often the difference between being the first ad and the second ad can be massive in terms of how many people click through to your site.

You may have seen ads like this before;

google adwords advertising adelaide


OK, so you now understand what Google Adwords advertising is all about. What about the results?


Let me demonstrate;

google adwords advertising

The above are results from a recent advertising exercise we ran for a client of ours on a Saturday. We knew that people were looking for these services on a weekend through prior research.

The results above show us that 60 people saw our advertisement and 8 people clicked on our ad. For each click, we paid $2 and all-up, we paid $16.

We were able to monitor email enquiries, and our client received 4 requests for quotes. The total of these 4 quotes came to $500. Assuming that the client is able to convert just 2 of these quotes, that’s a 15x Return on Investment! 

Why Google Adwords Advertising?

Unlike Facebook, where engagement (post clicks, views, page likes and website visits) can all contribute to your spend, Google Adwords only ever charges you when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

What this means is that you get a chance to engage with your new clients with a good looking website that entices them to call or email you regarding your product or services. In effect, you’re getting much better bang for buck!

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