Case Study

Finding a good Vietnamese Roll used to be a struggle. With the help of the Banh Mi Locator, users from all over Australia can now find a good feed close by. With an ever growing database of businesses being added to the website and app, users are never short of choice when it comes to Banh Mi.

Find Your Nearest Banh Mi

We set out to publish an iPhone and Android app that would appeal to a mass market within a niche. So when the subject of Banh Mi (Vietnamese Rolls) came up, we couldn’t refuse. We decided we use this process as a real-life case study of what can be done. You can access the full story here. The app and website have both undergone considerable change from the very first versions but we wanted to highlight how an app continues to grow and service the need of the public. With relation to the Banh Mi Locator, we have given both users and business owners a vehicle to find their closet Banh Mi and an opportunity to advertise to an active and engaged audience.


The initial concept took form as a basic directory website. We established a basic online presence which initially appealed to the Adelaide market. However, since growing interstate, the need has arisen to further develop our website to appeal to a wider audience. We will be making changes in 2015 to the website and will communicate this to our followers in the coming months.

iPhone & Android App

The development and evolution of our app can be followed here. We started out with a very simple idea which has since spawned into something bigger than we thought it would. With over 5,000 downloads, we have an active and engaged audience who use the app daily. We constantly listen to public feedback through reviews and emails we receive and are looking to improve on our current offering into the future.

iOS Downloads
Android Downloads

User Review/Rating System

We integrated a user review and rating system after feedback received from our first version. Users are able to rate each store they visit and also leave comments for other Banh Mi lovers to view.

Australia-wide Coverage

Our database of businesses and mapping allows us to add businesses from all over Australia, and eventually, the world. Users can use the ‘Map’ feature to view their nearest Vietnamese Roll business – or even check out businesses elsewhere should they wish.

User Submitted Listings

Following on from feedback received, we implemented the ‘Submit-a-Spot’ feature in order to allow our followers to submit businesses they may have found. In addition to this, users are able to post prices, opening hours and other information which is the basis of our ever-growing database.

Business Advertising

Businesses are able to gain increased exposure by listing their business on the main page of the app. Business owners can also advertise specials on the app and this is supported further by our Facebook page and social media presence.