Book the Services You Need, When You Need Them

Booking appointments shouldn’t be difficult. Brothers, Tom and Edward Cooper are the brainchild behind ‘Nextin’ – a mobile booking system that makes it easier than ever before to make appointments online across a variety of services. We have worked in close partnership with their team to create a web-based backend and both an Android and iPhone application.

We were responsible for collaboration on design, full development and post-launch support of the product across all of the platforms. For more information, continue to read below or visit

Promotional Website & Administration Area

In addition to’s promotional website, we also helped to create the web back-end, which controls bookings added to the nextin system. Business owners are able to add available appointments which in turn display on the app for the general public to view and select. Staff members can be added, schedules can be changed and a raft of other business options can be modified through the website.

iPhone & Android App

Users are able to book available appointment times across a range of services. From physiotherapy right through to dental appointments, users can get in to an appointment at a moments notice. The app also provides users the ability to add their favourite businesses and view business details, information and contact numbers.

Location Services

The app identifies where users are and returns the closest businesses to them. Users also have to option to display businesses by the next available appointment time, allowing them to get ‘nextin’.

My Favourites

Users get to store their favourite businesses so they can access them quicker on their subsequent visits. This is all in line with nextin’s overall strategy of effectiveness and efficiency when booking.

Multiple Service Industries

A range of services can be added in the blink of an eye and dynamically displayed to the user. This is all managed from the back-end web application and displayed to the app user.

SMS Booking Verification

One of the biggest considerations was how to stop non-genuine bookings from being made. Using SMS verification, businesses know that the end-user is real and will be sent their contact number for follow-up purposes.

"Working in partnership with Appcelerate, we have brought our iPhone and Android booking solution to life. We look forward to working with the team well into the future."

− Tom Cooper