Triple Organic Growth in 6 months – Real SEO Results

Triple Organic Growth in 6 months – Real SEO Results


Triple Organic Growth in 6 months – Real SEO Results (A Client Case Study)

It’s no secret that Google’s last round of updates has upset the apple cart when it’s come to SEO and SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) position – the proof is in the pudding.

We’ve seen some massive fluctuations recently for a lot of our clients but these have all been positive.

Our client (shown below) experienced 33% and 16% month-on-month organic traffic increases between October, September and August 2016. It must be noted that these are purely clicks from Google ranking for their key terms (organic ranking).


So… What changed?

Content. Not only have we been adding content to this site for the last 6 months, we’ve been adding images and also making sure that events that this business has been attending also include their web address on theirs. This helps build quality back links which lead to a better domain authority score with Google, and as a result, a better organic ranking.

Is that it?

Well, no.


A number of factors also contribute to our move up the rankings – namely our improved bounce rate, pages viewed per session and the average time spent by punters on the site (all shown above). These factors all play into Google’s bohemeth of an algorithm and have certainly contributed to this client’s recent growth.

It should also be noted that this client has opted to focus for two or three keywords, which helps narrow our focus and niche to better rank for these search terms. A combination of Google Search Console data, coupled with some competitor analysis has helped us narrow our field of focus. But again, solid content has been our main contributor to not just our SERP position, but also our key performance metrics once a user hits our site.

But I want results NOW!

Slow down, cowboy! There are a number of different avenues to boost your website exposure – social media, PPC (pay per click advertising) and other traditional forms of marketing. It must be said that SEO, and good SEO at that, must have (as a minimum);

  • a solid website strategy underpinned by a well layed out site map
  • a content plan and well-written copy
  • and a focus/a few key focus words that you wish to target (focus is the operative word here)

As you can see, we’ve taken a long term approach to this website, and in 6 months, we now sit at positions #2, #5 and #6 for the three keywords the business is looking to target.

You can also see that these are real numbers – we work with small business owners to help boost traffic on Google organically and also help get more customers through our Google Adwords services.

If you’re after real results, backed up by real reports and numbers, get in touch with Rye Smith today on 0422 283 610 or

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