What is SEO And Why Is My Website Lost Without It?

What is SEO And Why Is My Website Lost Without It?


Before the internet when you wanted to buy something what was the first thing you did?

Most likely you would have lugged an oversized directory over to the table and started zeroing in on the first letter of what you were looking for. If you needed a plumber, the long hunt for ‘P’ for Plumber would begin.

These directories still exist, but if I asked you the same question applied to today, you wouldn’t even have to think. Before I even finished the question you’d have your phone out of your pocket, Googling the answer.

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Let’s face it, it’s 2016 so we’re probably talking over Skype as well.

If you’re reading this, we don’t need to go on about how powerful Google is – you already know that. What we do need to tell you is how your position in Google’s search results can literally be the difference between 5 daily website visits, and 500.

We also want to tell you that those competitors listed above you are winning a lot of new clients that could easily be yours. And they’re doing it with their SEO.

What Is SEO?

The term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It refers to the art and science of boosting your website higher on the list of Google results that are presented when someone tries to search for a product or service you’re selling.

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Remember that plumber we were looking for? These days we still search using the most common words we can think of, including any adjectives, verbs or locations to make it specific. In search engines, these are referred to as keywords.

A wide range of keyword combinations can get searchers what want  – SEO helps you tell Google that you’re a worthy inclusion in the top results for a particular combination. Without it, the people that need your product or service can’t find you. Owning a website that can’t be found is sort of like opening a shop in the forest – you can’t sell anything because no one knows how to get there.

Google focuses on providing users with the ‘best, most relevant results’. It uses a secret algorithm to work out which exact websites get dished out to searchers, but the biggest factors are known and can be employed powerfully to make Google view your website as being worthy of inclusion in those best results help with essay.

Some of those factors are simple things like the words in your headings, text on your website, and image labels. However, it also involves your site structure, how other sites link to yours, and even how well your competitors have optimised their pages. All of these elements are crucial to pushing your site higher up the list.

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You might have a cosy website, but do your customers know the way?

Why do I need SEO?

Why do the website rankings matter? Think about this: when was the last time you clicked through to the second page of Google results?

…It was probably a while ago. Statistics say that 91% of searchers don’t make it to the second page, and 50% don’t even make it past the first three results.

Considering the first page these days only has space for around 9 results (not including ads at the top), it’s not rocket science to figure out that each rank down means a large drop in clicks to your website. And that means less customers.

It’s silly to think you’re losing customers just because of some simple words on your website, but it’s true. There are some easy ways to vastly improve how Google looks at and ranks your pages, as well as some much more difficult ones.


The big takeaway is this: the more you think about search when building your website and make sure your blog and product pages are optimised, the more feet you’ll get through the Google door, and more sales you’ll make. Simple as that.

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