Working with Appcelerate is easy

Working to building your dream app or business website shouldn’t be a tedious process. At Appcelerate, we take the pain and frustration out of getting online. We understand business and understand that reaching out to new and existing customers can be a challenge – but with our help, you’ll be firing online in no time.

In addition to offering our awesome service we also provide you with:

  • In depth analytics to track the performance of your website/app
  • Full training in using your website/app’s back-end/admin
  • Social media integration and reporting on click-through and retention

Website Design

Appcelerate not only builds your website, but helps market and engage with your customers. We sit down with you and work out your goals, current business strategy and future direction, and tailor not just a website, but a complete online strategy, geared around your business.

Mobile Apps

We help build your idea into a reality. But we don’t stop there. We create SEXY apps that catch the eye and keep users coming back for more. Our design and development team work together seamlessly to deliver an eye-catching and functional product, time again.

Step 1: The Chat

This is where we sit down, grab a coffee and work out what you want. We work out how we can best achieve your outcomes within your desired budget and set out a road-map on what features you’d like to include in your website or app.

Step 2: Design

This is where the fun begins. We’re all about SEXY app design. We sit down with our designers and start planning the look and feel of your project. Through this process, we start to see the product evolve and involve you at every step along the way. Eye catching design meets seamless functionality.

Step 3: Development

We’re not your average code monkeys. Our rapid development team are superstars when it comes to bringing your product to life. Our team are innovators while still adhering to industry standard practices. Our flexibility in development also allows for frequent changes throughout the life-cycle of the product.

Step 4: Testing

With a strong background in testing, we feel this is one of the most critical steps on the journey to publishing a successful website or app. This is where we iron out all the bugs, put the finished product in front of you, and work on what needs to be fixed. We ensure that your website or app is fully functional from the moment it goes live, ensuring you and your audience are happy from the get go.

Step 5: Launch & Success Tracking

Post launch, we provide reliable, useful data in order to make decisions on the website or app’s future direction or feature additions. We are able to see who is using your website or app and when and are able to target sections of the market through a number of SEO, social media and digital channels.

Confidential Discussion

If you have an app idea that you want to bring to life, chat to us. Trust the business that businesses trust and get in touch with us today.

Rapid Development

Do you need an app or a website in a hurry? Our scalable team means that we are able to complete projects within your specified timeframes to meet crucial deadlines or to rapid prototype. Send us an email or give us a call to get started.

Your Online Strategy:Appcelerated

We develop apps. We develop websites. We develop your brand online. As experienced developers, marketers and IT professionals, we are able to guide you through the maze of information and strategies you can use to boost your business or app idea.

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